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Ms. M. F. Oviedo      JZL Exemplary                                          
Maria F. Oviedo, Principal
John Z. Leyendecker Elementary School!

Our mission is always to prepare, empower and inspire students to become engaged in their own learning, their environment and the world in which they live.

In order to accomplish this task, it is critical that our students attend school every day. Their presence will empower us to prepare them to think critically, develop the skill needed to solve multifarious problems, and create opportunities for themselves and others. With the help of an entire devoted community working together to provide a nurturing, educational environment will enable each student to reach their individual potential and achieve their goals. 

We look forward to continuing our shared vision to prepare, empower and inspire lifelong learners and leaders.

In the end, we all have one common goal and that is to provide the best learning for our students. Together we will make this year an amazing learning experience for our students.


Maria F. Oviedo, Principal 
J. Z. Leyendecker Elementary School
(956) 273-3800

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